Weight Loss Tips For Women: Metabolic Differences Between Men and Women

As a woman seeking effective and timely weight loss methods and equipment, one of the most crucial but often overlooked prerequisites are the fundamental differences between the male and female metabolic systems.

Understanding this would enable you more accurately select efficient dietary and weight loss plans, programs, methods, supplements, resources and equipment.

Listed below are the major differences in the male and female metabolisms:

1) Fat Levels: Women typically store more fat than men and burn calories at a slower pace due to having smaller body mass than men. This means that the most effective dietary and workout plans for women are those specifically tailored for the female anatomy.

2) Fat deposits: Also worth taking note is the location of the body where men and women store the most fat. Men tend to store more fat in the visceral (abdominal) depot whereas women store more fat in the femoral region. This is another reason why your workout plan should differ from that of a man as the body areas men and women need to focus on for effective weight loss are significantly different.

3) Stress levels affect women's metabolism more than men: Both men and women experience stress but certain kinds of physical, emotional and mental stress have a more profound negative effect on the female metabolism's ability to burn fat. This is why along with diet and exercise, a considerable change of lifestyle most notably a lifestyle free of high stress levels is advised for women as it slows down the metabolism and allows for fat and calories to build up.

4) Higher risk of metabolic syndrome: once again this is a condition that affects both men and women but women are more prone to it. Metabolic syndrome is a condition characterised by high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and extra weight in the mid-body which if left unattended all have the potential to lead to several more deadly conditions including stroke, diabetes and multiple heart conditions including cardiac arrest. Women are more prone to metabolic syndrome due to higher stress levels as well as the likelihood of them getting generally less exercise per day than men (it has been reported through thorough investigation that the average woman exercises at least 45 minutes less than the average man each day) this is yet another reason women require a fundamentally different and more intensive dietary and workout routine than the men.

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