Water With Lemon For Weight Loss

Most people do not understand why we need water with lemon for weight loss. Most people work out trying to lose weight but do not drink the desired amount therefore do not lose much weight in the process.

So how much lemon should we take each day to see weight loss?

Experts say you need 8 ounces of water with lemon per day - that's just for the average person. If you're overweight you will need more. As a rule of thumb you should be having 8-10 half pint glasses a day or 4 pint glasses for good weight loss.

So why do experts say water with lemon for weigh loss is so important?

Well for a start, your bodily organs need water. If they do not get enough they will not function properly at there optimal point. For instance you kidney stores fat if it does not get enough fluid so it is very important you drink lots of water with lemon for weight loss.

Your body and brain tells your kidney that you don't have enough fluid so your kidney will store all the water it can because it does not know when it will next get some. The water will get stored all over your body and mainly places you don't want it like your belly.

You also need fluid in your body to flush out toxins buy sweating through the skin and through urine. This allows that stored fat to be turned into fuel. You will then be able to easily burn that fat off with exercise.

Here is the good news when you start to drink water with lemon for weight loss on a regular basis. Your body will realize this and will not store as much fluid giving you every chance to lose weight fat. This might take a few weeks to happen but just keep drinking lots of water and you will see a massive improvement.

What to drink, cold water or hot water?

I get asked this question a lot and to be honest with you it really does not matter. Some experts say you can drink more water if it's hot but others say it's healthier if you drink cold. Both hot and cold are good for you but the choice is yours.

The main thing is drinking the water weather it is hot or cold. Don't get too concerned about the temperature. Go with what you feel is best for you if you like drinking water cold then do that and like wise with hot water. But what I will say is don't drink to much at once experts say drinking a lot at one go can be bad for you. Just stick to a pint at a time drinking 4 pints a day and spread then out and you will be fine.

Drinking water with lemon for weight loss is grate because it adds a nice taste to your water. It's much better than drinking plain water and it adds other benefits too. Lemon is a good source of vitamin C which is good for the body and skin. Lemon also helps you lose weight but there is a secret to it. The water must be warm!

We all know water with lemon for weight loss is good for us but you need to be careful when drinking pints of water before you go to bed it can interrupt your sleep by going to the bathroom all night.

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