Fitness Help To Lose Body Fat Quickly

If you want to lose body fat quickly, and get in shape, then fitness help is on the way. One of the most frustrating things is to workout hard, and not get fat loss results. Another is to have the desire to transform your body, but not know exactly what to do program wise. Rest assured your workout help is on the way.

It is no secret that the most effective way of melting away unwanted body fat is to combine exercise with a calorie reduced diet. However, what is the best way to maximize the fitness part of the fat loss, and muscle shaping equation? This article will answer that all important question.

Being a fitness professional for over 25 years I am eager to reveal some of my biggest workout tips ever in order to help you not only lose belly fat fast, but also get fit along the way.

There is a right way to do things, and an inefficient, non-productive way of putting together your fitness program. Pay close attention because the exercise fat loss tips I mention below will be of great fitness help to you.

Employ each of the principles mentioned below to maximize body fat loss, and gain the confidence that you will get fit quick in the most efficient, effective manner possible.

Now let your workout tips to melt away fat begin!

1. Add strength training to your exercise program.

When I say exercise I mean strength training, plus cardiovascular sessions. In order to lose body fat quickly you will need to incorporate both modalities of exercise.

As your body fat begins to drop, strength training will make sure you maintain as much metabolically active lean tissue as possible. By maintaining muscle you will not only boost up your resting metabolic rate, but also shape up your body.

For the best fitness help I recommend doing cardiovascular work immediately after your strength training sessions.

In order to lose body fat quickly I recommend working with weights two non-consecutive days each week for about 30 minutes a session. If done properly, with adequate progressive intensity, you will witness fantastic results.

Follow the basic 2 sets of 8-12 repetitions, and attempt to progress each fitness training session.

For every 1 pound of muscle you add to your body you will residually boost up your metabolism 6 calories per day. I know it doesn't sound like a lot, but muscle is 3 times more metabolically active than fat. 1 pound of fat melts away only 2 calories per day.

2. Do cardio after strength training, and incorporate HIIT.

Fitness help is on the way, big time, with this powerful little workout tip! What you need to do for maximum fat loss is to do your cardiovascular work immediately after your strength training session. I also recommend doing it in a high intensity interval training (HIIT) fashion.

The benefits of HIIT include burning more calories, greater EPOC, or calorie burn after training, and less time invested in exercise. Also, greater aerobic capacity gains can be seen when using the HIIT cardio protocol.

When I perform high intensity intervals in a cardiovascular fashion I generally only go for 10 minutes - one minute on, and one minute rest.

3. Stick to compound strength training movements.

In order to burn more calories, and activate more muscle tissue I highly recommend sticking with compound strength training movements. It will be of great fitness help to do multi-joint exercises. You know, the exercises where more than one muscle group is working. Examples include - squat, leg press, chest press, pulldown, deadlift, shoulder press, etc.

4. Schedule your fitness program workouts on your calendar.

In order to keep focused on your workout program I always recommend writing down goals, and scheduling your training sessions on a calendar. This will help you stay on task so you won't miss any valuable training sessions.

Another good motivation tool is to reward yourself for accomplishing mini-goals. Celebrate certain landmarks you set like losing 5, 10, and 15 pounds. Enjoy your success!

5. What you put into your mouth is the most important aspect to losing body fat fast.

Yes, exercise needs to be incorporated with a calorie reduction diet in order for quick weight loss to occur. However, limiting what you consume in calories is the most effective way of getting rid of unwanted body fat quickly.

My big fitness help advice is to be very consistent on reducing your caloric intake by at least 250, preferably 500 calories each, and every day.

Why? Because it takes a lot of exercise to burn off 250, or 500 calories. Whatever you burn off is a bonus, but calories through exercise are hard to burn off. It is very easy eating the whole pizza, and throwing down 1500 calories. How long will it take you to run that off? Hours!

Moral of the story- your caloric consumption is crucial! Limit it on a daily basis in order to lose body fat quickly. I can't stress the importance of this variable enough.

Go ahead, and incorporate each of these fitness tips mentioned above. Doing so will bring you the fitness help you desperately need in order to not only lose body fat quickly, but also get fit fast. Enjoy your newfound results!

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