Healthy Smoothie Recipes For Weight Loss

By Susan Field

Did you know that healthy smoothie recipes for weight loss can be made easily by you at home and these blends of beneficial fruits and vegetables will improve digestive functions and are an aid to weight-loss?

Fresh natural whole fruits and vegetables contain an array of important vitamins and minerals that are essential for optimum health.

Blending is a great way of releasing all the plant based nutrients that can then be easily digested.

To make healthy smoothie recipes for weight loss, incorporate those foods that are lower on the GI index. This is a measure of how sugary a food is.

This is a great way to enjoy healthy smoothies that are low on sugar. Including green vegetables and whole fruits makes sure that adequate quantities of beneficial soluble and insoluble fibre prevent the rapid uptake of fructose sugar from the fruit. Lowering your body's production of insulin means it is difficult for your body to make fat.

Please note that it is important NOT to include too many fruits in your smoothies for weight-loss.

An ideal ratio is 80 percent green vegetables to 20 percent fruit.

As you progress with green smoothie making, you can decrease the amount of fruit used and increase water rich vegetables like celery and cucumber.

TIP: Rather than having a smoothie between meals, opt for a green smoothie as a meal replacement. Eating a green smoothie on an empty stomach will be beneficial because the digestion will be primed and ready to absorb all the powerful plant based nutrients.

Following the meal replacement method is a clever way to incorporate more natural whole foods into your daily diet. Following a liquid diet plan that is designed for weight loss will still allow you to eat a healthy evening meal.

For optimum results and consistent weight loss opt for 2 meal replacements on most days.

In order to prevent hunger between meals it is however important to ad foods that contain beneficial fats or sources of protein. Doing this helps you feel full for longer.

When you make a green smoothie you can optionally use coconut milk instead of filtered water it does add a creamy slightly sweeter taste to the blend.

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