Do You Feel You Can't Lose Weight?


If you are having difficulty losing weight, do not try and follow the risky 'yo yo' dieting approach. Unfortunately, a lot of people who find it a challenge to shed excess weight do this all the time. They lose weight when they really work on it, but put it back on when they give up their diet and resume eating like they were before.
The diet cycle that you endure every year does your body no good at all. It destroys your metabolism so that ultimately, the weight will not disappear even if you are exercising and eating the right foods.

The reason is because you keep putting your body into a mode of starvation and then having a food binge on items that are generally regarded as bad for you. Your system gets confused and it does not know when the next time it will be starved, so it basically reserves its energy.

Why Can't You Lose Weight?
Losing weight is not difficult. It is a basic formula of eating the right foods, not overindulging, and allowing your physical activity to burn off up the fuel that your body has been fed. But the difficultly with a lot of weight loss plans is that they are impossible to stay on them for longer than a few weeks or months. Nobody can live on an incredibly low calories intake.

People don't want to live a life where certain foods are off limits and induce feelings of guilt. So they do it for as long as they can stand it until they come to their breaking point and fall off the wagon.

Reasons For The Difficulty Losing Weight.
You might have different triggers that only provide short term results. For instance, maybe something stressful happens and you suddenly find yourself devouring a stack of sweets. Not only do you gain the weight back (and usually then some), but you pile on this mountain of disappointment and the feelings of failure that you have to now deal with because you've gone off track.

When the weight goes back on, it will not be muscle and fat, it will be pure fat. Then the difficulty losing weight becomes even more extreme. Perhaps now is time to change that. What would it be like to never have to battle with your weight and put yourself on a disciplined diet again?

If you can't seem to lose weight, no matter how hard you try, it could be that your not finding and eating the foods that burn fat naturally. It can be very hard to lose weight if you don't have a healthy eating plan that allows you to incorporate occasional treats and that is tailored to your metabolism type for optimal weight loss and overall health.

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