5 Tips To Burn Calories Without Exercise

Losing weight is one of the greatest challenges that are faced by many people in today's world. This is simply because people get so involved with their careers and other commitments that they often do not get the time or lack the energy to take care of their body in the right way.
There are a lot of ways to burn calories without heavy or no exercising at all. Scientists and experts have found that in order to burn calories one of the basic things is to stir up the stored fats in our body.
Here are the top 5 tips to burn calories without exercise:
  1. Cold Water: It has been found that drinking ample amount of water increases the metabolism rate of the body by almost 30%. But if you drink the same amount of cold water, the metabolism rate goes up to 40% which is a significant growth. This is because cold water lowers the core temperature of the body due to which the body needs more energy to lift the temperature for which the excess stored fat is burned.

  2. Stand: One of the easiest ways to burn calories is just by standing and walking around. Most people have desk jobs where one just has to sit and stare at a computer for the whole day. It is essential to de-stress your eyes from the constant strain which is why it is advisable to get up from your chair and walk around a bit. Sitting on chair can burn one calorie per minute but standing up can burn up to 6-8 calories per minute and walking will increase that to about 12-14 calories.

  3. Playing: Playing any physical game is considered as an exercise but it is often forgotten that playing with kids is one of the best joys. It does not feel like an exercise but it burns more calories than one can imagine as when playing with kids one tends to burn off huge amounts of calories without even knowing it.

  4. Household chores: Doing household chores can give you the much needed work out that is required by the body to burn calories. So get involved in household work and finish up your chores so that you can have a satisfied and healthy life and lifestyle. It will result in you having a cleaner house and a healthy body.

  5. Healthy Diet: Experts recommend eating healthy and fresh food so that the amount of saturated fats and sugar (which are the main reasons for excess calories) can be reduced significantly. Fresh fruits provide the body with much needed vitamins, antioxidants, etc and fresh veggies provide crabs, proteins, minerals, etc. Eating home cooked food is beneficial to burn calories as they do not contain excess chemicals that are used by packaged foods.
Although these methods are beneficial, it is advisable to combine these tips with some form of exercise so that your body can remain physically fit and withstand the wear and tear of daily life.

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